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Clipped over the ear, tiny video camera records continuously

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Much the way the wearable Vicon Revue takes digital photos throughout the day as a means of recording the wearer’s life, so the Looxcie records continuous video for a similar purpose. Launched last month by a California company with the same name, the Looxcie (pronounced “look-see”) is a wearable Bluetooth camcorder that lets users capture video of everything they see. The device fits comfortably over the ear, the company says, and points wherever the wearer looks. It’s always on, so the user needn’t worry about turning it on when they want to record. When something memorable happens, though, they simply press a button to save a permanent, sharable clip of the last 30 seconds. Otherwise, Looxcie continuously purges the oldest video in its storage, which can accommodate up to five hours of recording. An accompanying smartphone application, meanwhile, turns the user’s phone into a Looxcie viewfinder, remote control and editing tool for creating clips up to 30 minutes in length. Clips can also be uploaded to a Mac or PC via the device’s USB connector for archiving, viewing, editing or additional sharing; a pre-programmable auto-share feature lets users automatically send clips to a preset email address. Looxcie currently operates with the majority of Android 2.0 and higher smartphones, with support for additional operating systems coming soon. The device itself is available at for USD 199. We’ve been following the life-caching trend for years now, and it just doesn’t seem to be fading away. How can *your* brand help consumers document their lives…?



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