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Callback tool saves customers from waiting on hold for service

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In surveys around the globe, consumers consistently rank waiting on hold for customer service as one of their most frustrating experiences. Alleviating this annoyance, Virginia-based startup LucyPhone lets users circumvent the hold lines with a free service that does the waiting for them. Here’s how it works: visitors to the LucyPhone website enter the toll-free number of the company they want to contact, or find it in LucyPhone’s extensive database of customer service numbers, and enter their callback number. Moments later, the user receives a call from LucyPhone patching them through to the company. The user proceeds through the company’s phone menu as normal, and when placed on hold, presses ** and hangs up. LucyPhone stays on the line and as soon as a customer service agent picks up, LucyPhone calls the user back and connects them. The service can also be accessed via the free LucyPhone iPhone app. LucyPhone is currently only available in the United States. One to partner with or emulate to ease the frustration of lengthy on hold wait times for consumers in other parts of the world? (Related: Online service cuts through phone menusER service holds a patient’s place in lineLetting customers skip the lineWebcam tool shows which health clinics are crowded.) Spotted by:  Ozgur Alaz



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