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AI lunchbot makes team lunches easy

Food & Drink

Forkable is a new dining app that takes into consideration individual dietary requirements and preferences, making ordering team lunches seamless.

The offer of a free lunch has been listed as one of the favored perks amongst employees, beating time off and physical wellbeing. Just as Crazymenu was designed to save colleagues from the time consuming process of tallying up a lunch order, Forkable allows officemates to order exactly what they want and eat all together.

Unlike other group ordering systems, Forkable distinguishes itself by providing each individual with uniquely tailored menu plans. Workers enter their dietary requirements and preferences and Forkable’s “lunchbot AI” creates what the company calls “the equivalent of a Spotify playlist” for each person’s lunch. Users can replace, customize and cancel orders using the app’s web interface but otherwise, lunches are requested automatically and scheduled to arrive at a specified time. The system is designed for companies of varying sizes and levels of generosity too, managing employee allowances and fitting any budget. Employers can choose to cover lunch, to subsidize it by enrolling in the app’s ‘copay’ program, or just to cover the cost of delivery.

Today, eating at work plays a role far beyond keeping employees fed and sustained. Once seen as a distraction, eating together is now widely understood to improve wellbeing at work and increase productivity. A good lunch not only helps build an office culture, important when recruiting and retaining staff, it also encourages workers to stay on campus and share ideas with each other. Are there other ways to encourage employers to look after their workforce wellbeing?



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