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Luxury car subscription service available for NYC drivers

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Book by Cadillac is a new membership car subscription service that gives drivers access to luxury vehicles without the hassle of sales, insurance and maintenance.

Beta-launching in the New York Metropolitan area, Book by Cadillac is a new membership service that provides luxury vehicles on a month-by-month basis. Members can reserve their chosen model of car for up to 30 days and then swap it for a different one or renew their existing reservation. A concierge handles all the details of delivery and exchange and is available for assistance should any problems arise during the subscription period.

Unlimited mileage, insurance and repairs are included in the USD 1,500 monthly fee, and members can change vehicles up to 18 times in one year. Drivers pay all other car-related expenses, as would be expected if they owned the vehicle. Membership is renewed monthly, so cancellation is quick and easy. Anyone interested in the service is encouraged to join the waitlist, and the company says that it is planning to expand to other cities in the near future.

Membership and subscription services are changing the shape of retail. There is less need to own large, infrequently used expensive items if there is a rental or borrowing service available instead, like this local sharing economy app in Amsterdam. And sales models like this unstaffed, members-only grocery store in Minnesota are emphasizing the importance of trust in the new economics. What areas of retail have yet to experiment with peer-to-peer sharing or subscription services?



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