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Luxury jewelry subscription service


Taking the subscription model into the luxury market, Opulent Box is a USD 25,000 jewelry box subscription service.

Subscription packages are usually about enabling consumers to get more for their money, but that doesn’t mean they have to distribute budget goods. We recently wrote about a luxury subscription that lets customers endlessly swap out new pairs of designer sunglasses. Now, taking the business model further into the high-end retail market, Opulent Box is a USD 25,000 per quarter jewelry box subscription.


Customers first fill out a membership form, specifying their favorite brands and preferred styles and colors. Then, a concierge delivers their box of jewels — from brands including Chanel, Cartier, Bulgari, and Louis Vuitton — complete with appraisals and certificates of authenticity. The concierge will also return any pieces the customer doesn’t like and exchange them.

What other luxury items could benefit from a subscription model?



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