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Temporary walk-in gardens promote plants in Paris

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Consumers’ interest in nature’s bounty shows no signs of slowing down in the coming years, fueling the urban gardening trend that’s greening up both private balconies and shared city spaces. As a way to help keep that interest burning bright, the Dutch Flower Council set up four giant, plant-filled displays throughout Paris this past weekend that gave visitors an immersive dose of green, oxygen-rich life. Between 26 and 28 November, passers-by in each of Gare Montparnasse, Place Saint Germain, Bercy Village and Place Colette were sure to notice a gigantic, transparent bubble installed there that was filled with a wide variety of indoor plants. Created by designer Amaury Gallon, the pop-up, self-enclosed gardens each featured a different array of plants: at Gare Montparnasse, for example, it was a jungle being represented, while Bercy Village’s garden was designed to be “psychadelic.” Each walk-in bubble measured some 60 cubic meters and so was roughly big enough to accommodate just two visitors at a time, creating a private and intense sensory experience. Dubbed Ma Bulle, Ma Plante & Moi — or “My Bubble, My Plant and Me” — the campaign no doubt delivered not just a break in consumers’ day while it was up, but also a reminder of the importance of flowers and plants in daily life. Which, of course, could well translate into increased sales of such items, particularly over the coming holidays. How could *your* brand deliver a little pop-up and immersive shopping inspiration this holiday season…? (Related: Collaborative pop-up store focuses on eco-friendly goodsFrom 12 tons of trash, a pop-up hotel with a messagePartnering with Crunch, pop-up Gap store focuses on fitness for a monthMultisensory pop-up spaces.) Spotted by: Irene Festa



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