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Machine bends wire into anything

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DIWire is bringing wirebending capabilities to designers' desktops for easy wireframe prototyping.

The 3D printing revolution is in full swing and is providing inspiration for a number of similar ways of creating new objects. We’ve already seen how successful the 3Doodler pen — which enables users to draw physical pieces into existence — has been, and now the DIWire hopes to follow suit by bringing wirebending capabilities to designers’ desktops for easy wireframe prototyping.

Created by Pensa Labs, the device is around the same size as a typical office printer and can be connected to any computer. Users first digitally sketch out the shape they want their wire to be and then send the design to the DIWire. After loading the wire — which can be made of any bendable metal, even steel — the machine feeds it through and bends it according to the digital file. Users can make simple 2D designs or connect multiple wires together through soldering or clips to build up a 3D object. The video below shows the machine in action:


The DIWire takes inspiration from 3D printing to create a brand new way of working — making prototyping a quick process while also working for finished products that only require a wire skeleton. Are there other materials that can be digitally manipulated by machines?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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