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Image-recognition service | Photo source Pixabay

Machine that learns to recognise images aids surveillance


A cloud-based image-recognition service is capable of tracking faces, objects or behaviors.

We’ve seen how image recognition software can be used to track online ad reactions or provide art tours, and now, in China, the technology is being used to aid surveillance.

YITU has developed a suite of software for machine visual learning, wherein AI algorithms can be used to monitor surveillance images, capable of tracking individuals, vehicles, or behavioral patterns. Captured images are fed into YITU’s cloud database, providing an ever-growing library of images for the software to learn from. YITU has already been working with police in several provinces within China to support investigation, detection and public security, and their face recognition system has been used in airports and in traffic-monitoring projects, with the software capable of being easily integrated into surveillance networks.

Other fields of application of YITU’s technology include the financial sector and targeted marketing helping brands to offer tailored services to VIP customers.

Could image recognition technologies be used in other areas, for example to help visually impaired people?




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