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Magazine publishing service now offers group shipping

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When we wrote about MagCloud a little more than a year ago, it was restricted to the United States and shipping was arranged on an order-by-order basis. The magazine publishing service has since expanded to cover the U.K. and Canada as well, however, and it’s also made it easier for self-publishers to serve large groups of readers. To recap: MagCloud lets anyone with content upload a PDF and order a proof of the resulting paper magazine. After reviewing and finalizing the proof, they set a price and make the magazine available for orders via the MagCloud site. Single issues are then printed on demand and mailed out to individual readers. Now, with the service’s new Ship to Group feature, publishers can mail their magazines to multiple recipients with a simple click. They need only create a group in their MagCloud address book—for clients, friends, family or (if they’re lucky) subscribers. They then select that group in their magazine shipping options and MagCloud will take care of the rest, printing and shipping the magazine order to everyone in that custom address group. Anyone still doubt the transformative—and growing—power of citizen journalism, consumer-generated content and, more generally, Generation C? We didn’t think so. Other sites that cater to journalists, photographers, designers, entrepreneurs or other big thinkers: How are *you* helping your users serve their growing base of fans…? Spotted by: Derek Powazek



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