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Magnetized flatpack furniture simply snaps together

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The Netherlands' MAGfurniture range requires no equipment whatsoever to assemble, instead using magnets to snap pieces into place.

Flatpack furniture may be easier to ship and for customers to carry home, but can often be a pain to assemble. In the past, we’ve seen furniture assembled with a coin as the only tool needed, and now the Netherlands’ MAGfurniture range is going one step further by requiring no equipment whatsoever, instead using magnets to snap pieces into place.

Standing for ‘magnetic assisted geometry’, the MAG range was conceived by design graduate Benjamin Vermeulen. Each piece is made from high-quality steel and wood, with magnets placed at each joint. Rather than requiring screws, nuts and bolts, each component simply snaps securely into place. The method also ensures that users can disassemble and rebuild the objects any number of times without damaging their structural integrity. Currently, customers can order the MAGchair, MAGtable and MAGcabinet. The latter option is also modular, meaning owners can choose whether they want doors or not, or how many levels of units they’d like. The video below shows the furniture being constructed:


Vermeulen is working on new colors to add to the furniture range, although there is currently no word about how much the items will cost or when they’ll be available. Could you help bring this product to market?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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