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Selling meat and grilling tools at BBQ parties for men


For many years, companies such as Tupperware and Avon have been demonstrating and selling their wares to groups of women in their own homes, while their male counterparts have had little by the way of in-home retail opportunities. In order to redress the balance, Minneapolis-based Man Cave is now offering a similar service to men in the US. Launched in 2009, Man Cave offers a selection of ‘Man Food’, BBQ accessories and gifts. The meat is grain fed and hormone-free, while the grilling products come with a lifetime guarantee. The company’s multi-level marketing strategy employs ‘Man Cave Advisors’, who are provided with a package of Man Cave products at a discounted rate. They are then asked to host grilling demonstrations where they can earn up to 35 percent commission on sales of Man Cave products. Attendees at these ‘MEATings’ are invited to sample free food and beer while they watch the BBQ equipment in action. Any purchases are then shipped directly to the customer. Taking a tried and tested concept and applying it to an underserved audience, are more markets waiting for in-home sales opportunities…? (Related: Parties help guests sell their goldTasting parties for foodies  — Nationwide tryvertising partiesMasculine cupcakes for men) Spotted by Luke H



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