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Manchester sells holiday gift wrap designed for the city

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It’s no secret that cities love to promote Christmas shopping as a festive way to boost the local economy. What we hadn’t yet spotted, however, was a city selling its very own holiday gift wrap, which is what Manchester is doing this season. Created by graphic designer Peter Saville—whose work has graced the city since he designed for and directed Factory Records—the wrapping paper’s vivid colours match Visit Manchester‘s multi-hued logo. Produced in a limited edition of 5,000 rolls, the gift wrap is sold for GBP 2,99 through Visit Manchester’s online shop, as well as at the city’s Tourist Information Centre, Manchester City Art Gallery’s shop, exhibition centre Urbis, Visit Manchester’s Christmas market stall, and—with a nod to Saville’s musical roots—at local record store Vinyl Exchange. It’s an innovative launch by Manchester’s city marketers, and one that their colleagues in other cities will no doubt follow next year 😉 Spotted by: The Scout



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