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Subscription service for men's underclothes

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The subscription services are coming thick and fast lately, automating for shopping-weary consumers the routine purchase of life’s little necessities. Most recently it was men’s skincare products; before that it was razor blades, greeting cards and more. The latest spotting? Men’s undergarments—including socks, T-shirts and underwear. ‘Sockscriptions’, of course, are no longer new, dating back as they do at least 10 years. Florida-based Manpacks, however, expands the concept into an entire undergarment package, available for delivery every three months. Consumers begin by choosing one of four subscription packages, all of which use exclusively Hanes clothing. The JustSocks package, for instance, provides three pairs of socks every three months for USD 7 per shipment. At the opposite end of the scale is the MachoPack, which includes three shirts, three pairs of underwear and three pairs of socks every three months for USD 33 per shipment. Consumers can specify the colours and the styles they prefer—boxers versus briefs, for example. Currently Manpacks ships only within the United States and Canada, but it aims to expand internationally soon. Time to help make that happen…? (Related: Household goods, straight from manufacturers.) Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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