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Retail chain for brain games targets aging population

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US-based retail chain is targeting the aging population by offering a range of products to help maintain mental agility.

In 2006, the US counted 37.3 million aged 65 or older. By 2030, the US Administration for Community Living expects the number will have increased to 71.5 million. With this burgeoning market clearly in mind, Marbles: The Brain Store is urging the residents of Chicago to “outsmart their age” with a range of products to help maintain mental agility. The company has launched four retail outlets in the region in just over a year. The stores offer over 200 products categorized by the brain function they target: memory, critical thinking, coordination, visual perception and word skills. Products range from books and board games, to puzzles and computer software, all of which, claims Marbles, are reviewed by a board of scientists, physicians, psychologists and therapists. The website bolsters their scientific pedigree with independent research showing ongoing mental activity can help prevent Alzheimers and a ‘Brain Health Barometer’ that customers can use to assess the state of their brain. According to the Alzheimers Association, the number of worldwide sufferers is predicted to nearly double every 20 years. If Marbles’ products can help plug mental holes, the company will fulfill a need in society as well as a gap in the market. The company isn’t planning to franchise yet, but invites people to register their interest; product pitches are also welcome. (Related: Brain gyms for baby boomersHealth and wellness shop focuses on seniors.)




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