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Joe Nicchi and his “Influencers pay double” sign | Photo source

Influencers wanting freebies hit a roadblock

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An ice cream vendor made an “Influencers pay double” sign and posted the new policy on Instagram

Spotted: A Los Angeles ice cream truck owner, who had enough of being pestered for free ice cream in exchange for social media exposure, decided to double the price on his cones to anyone asking for freebies.

The owner of CVT Soft Serve, Joe Nicchi, made an “Influencers pay double” sign and posted the new policy on Instagram. The post has since gone viral and Nicchi has been applauded by hundreds of fellow business owners who are fed up with “freeloaders”. 

The final straw was apparently a request for the truck to cater an event for 300 guests for free. But Nicchi says he has also been approached by the assistant to a famous actor who asked him  to donate ice cream to the cast and crew in exchange for a photo.

“As much as I’d love to do that, I don’t think my kid’s school accepts celebrity photos as a form of tuition payment” Nicchi responded, according to The Guardian.




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