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Matchmaking service helps find startup cofounders

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Matchmaking, if you think about it, is at the heart of so many business transactions. Buyer meets seller; volunteer meets nonprofit; investor meets worthy startup. It’s not too surprising, then, to see a matchmaking service target potential business cofounders, with the aim of helping them hook up. That, indeed, is just the purpose of UK-based MatchFounders. Launched recently at Launch48 — with advice, incidentally, from a Lovestruck mentor — MatchFounders aims to create “matched introductions between passionate people with different skill sets, creating lasting and fruitful professional relationships,” in the site’s own words. Visitors to the site can search for potential matches based on a potential partner’s desired expertise, funding preferences and commitment. Now apparently in beta, MatchFounders is still busy getting off the ground. Its potential, however, is very compelling. One to get involved in early — or to use to find your own match made in heaven? 😉 (Related: Matchmaking site for platonic friendshipsPeer-to-peer recruiting, with prizes for referrals.)



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