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Matching would-be vegetable gardeners with arable land

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Commodity prices may be dropping at the moment, but with recent spikes in food prices around the globe, it’s no wonder consumers are showing new interest in growing their own. For those not fortunate enough to have a garden, a new UK initiative seeks to match would-be gardeners with landowners willing to share their arable land. Seeking to provide an alternative to the UK’s already oversubscribed land-allotment lists, the Landshare campaign—which is being promoted by TV host Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on his Channel 4 series River Cottage—aims instead to convert underused land back into productive use for growing fresh fruit and vegetables. The project’s site currently asks potential participants to register their interest in anticipation of a launch early this year. Visitors can register as a Grower, Landowner, Land-spotter—someone who knows of some unused land—or Facilitator, who wants to help elderly gardeners and others in need of assistance. A mapping function is coming soon to help pinpoint gardeners and plots of land. We’ve already written about several initiatives that use permaculture and expertise to make the most of suburban farms. Next, how about sponsoring an effort that combines such ideas with one like Landshare, to ensure every last scrap of arable land gets used to its fullest? Now *that* could be a recession-proof plan…. (Related: Boosting suburban farmsHomegrown vegetables, no green thumb neededMore homegrown veggies without the sweat.) Spotted by: Marko Balabanovic



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