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Stretchable battery | Photo source Pixabay

Stretchable battery could be used in workout clothes

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The textile-based biobattery opens new opportunities for the wearable electronics of the future.

Exercise has come a long way since the days of baggy t-shirts and basic equipment. From the yoga apparel that helps aid form as the user moves, to the muscle activation device that assists the way exercise junkies move when performing routines, technology is thriving in the industry and adapting the way people move their bodies.

Researchers at New York’s Binghamton University have thrown their own offering into the mix with their creation of a stretchable battery. The innovation, which is an entirely textile-based, bacteria-powered biobattery, could one day be integrated within workout apparel and be charged with the wearer’s perspiration. The research has been led by Professor Seokheun Choi who has previously worked on a battery activated by saliva and a biobattery powered by dirty water.

Compared to traditional batteries and other enzymatic fuel cells, microbial fuel cells can be the most suitable power source for wearable electronics because the whole microbial cells as a biocatalyst provide stable enzymatic reactions and a long lifetime. Sweat generated from the human body can be a potential fuel to support bacterial viability, providing the long-term operation of the microbial fuel cells. How could such a creation power your operations?




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