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Meal prep goes uptown

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While suburban households across the country are welcoming fix-and-freeze dinners to their tables, an urban version of the concept just opened at 63rd and Third in New York. Since New York real estate prices don’t allow for huge communal kitchens, Really Cool Foods has altered the prep kitchen model into ‘component cooking’. Customers select a recipe, grab the colour-coded components (vegetables, meats, sauces, etc), and get cooking. “Prepped in our kitchen, cooked in yours.” In 20 minutes or less. Ingredients are organic, and there’s a wide variety of recipes. Besides component cooking, Really Cool Foods also stocks a selection of high-end groceries, including organic pet food. A Small Bites section offers freshly made, all-natural baby food. And, this is the Upper East Side, after all — Really Cool Foods also delivers Hamptons Hampers to New Yorkers’ homes or straight to the Jitney. A tour of the store can be viewed on Code.TV. There are very few services, even relatively new ones, that can’t be upgraded, or in this case, Upper East Sided. Something to keep in mind when you have plans to introduce this concept to the rest of the world?


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