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DIY bricks pressed from ordinary mud

Property & Construction

It’s hard to beat an innovation that turns cow dung into something useful — namely, bricks for use in construction — but a new French effort presents a strong contender. Specifically, Toulouse startup Meco’concept has created a building system that can be used to create construction-worthy bricks out of ordinary mud. Available both for rent and for sale, Meco’concept’s hydraulic press can be used by anyone to create up to 120 Lego-shaped bricks per hour. Ordinary mud from the construction site is first mixed with an optional aggregate binder such as cement or lime — the company also offers a mixer for that purpose. In three steps requiring just 30 seconds, the Meco’press can then create a durable, anti-seismic, ecologically friendly brick suitable for construction of buildings as tall as two storeys. Though originally designed with NGOs in mind, the functionall Meco’press can be used to make bricks virtually anywhere in the world. Eco-minded builders around the globe: one to try out, or otherwise get involved in? (Related: Eco-drywall made of recycled materialsEco houses snap together using Lego-style blocks.) Spotted by Vinh Ly



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