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Emails warn patients about health-changing weather

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Most people who suffer from arthritis, asthma or cardiovascular disease are aware that their well-being can be affected by the weather. Developed to warn them in advance, MediClim emails registered users when changes in humidity, pollen count, barometric pressure and temperature might change how they feel. The story began back in the eighties, when Dr. John Bart noticed his patients complaining of the same ailments on the same days. He paired up with meteorologist Dennis Bourque to produce an index that maps weather conditions and related health problems. And in 2008, Bart and Bourque gave the index new functionality by incorporating it into an email alert system. Subscribers sign up on the website, and complete a brief medical questionnaire. On days with weather conditions that are expected to trigger health problems, subscribers receive an email, or an alert through MediClim’s Facebook application. MediClim is a free service currently available to anyone in North America and the UK. One for a pharmaceutical company to sponsor or introduce to other regions? (Related: Car insurer alerts clients by text message when roads get icy.) Spotted by: Ozgur Alaz



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