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Ministry of Sound, the biggest brand in clubland, is launching a new chain of bars this Friday, 31 March 2006. The first Minibar is in Harrogate, Yorkshire, and there are plans to open another thirty in major towns across the United Kingdom. Since November of last year, relaxed licensing laws have made it possible for liquor-pouring establishments in the UK to stay open as long as they like. Now, Ministry of Sound has created a bar that’s comfortable and diverse enough for patrons to actually want to stick around all night. After all, how many other bars feature hot tub seating? Inspired by private member’s clubs and bars in upscale hotels, the Minibar will feature various zones with different ambiances, allowing customers to change the mood of their evening by moving from zone to zone. Starting off in the lounge, moving to the cocktail or shot bar, then relaxing in the hot tub before hitting the dancefloor. A child of its time, Minibar also includes video and diary rooms, outfitted with webcams for recording libation-fuelled midnight confessions. (Yikes!) Combining elements of fun with accessible glamour, Minibar seems to be adding a touch of massclusivity to the nightlife business.


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