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Mini web-to-print photo albums

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Much the way HotPrints lets Facebook and Bebo users capture their social network photos in real-life books, so Memolio lets anyone on the web turn online images into a compact print album. Users of Dutch Memolio, which is now in beta, begin by uploading 24 images from their computer or from a Flickr Pro or Picasa album. They then edit the photos and arrangement of their album and personalize its colour, title and description. Next, they preview and save their album. Each Memolio is given a unique album URL that can be shared or posted publicly. For EUR 14.99 (taxes and shipping included), users can also order a print copy, which measures 103mm by 62mm by 5mm—about the same size as an iPod Classic—and is printed on durable, bright white polyester, making it resistant to water and crumpling. Available for delivery anywhere in the world, Memolios can be used for both personal and business use as tiny portfolios, photo albums, promotional brochures, teaching aids, manuals and guides. Coming soon is a promotion platform that will let Memolio users promote their ideas and portfolios using an embedded Memolio album. First the world rushed to bring offline materials online; now it’s rushing to bring online materials back again. How can *your* brand help forge some OFF=ON connections…? (Related: Email a photo to send prints to friends & familyOnline portal gathers wedding photos from guests.)



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