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Messaging system aims to connect users across generations


Bloom is a trio of connected devices which aim to enhance the quality of connections between remote family members.

While today’s youngsters are growing up with a seemingly innate ability to use any new technology, the same devices can be intimidating for older users. It’s to some extent this knowledge gap that contributes to communication difficulties between grandparents, their children and their grandchildren — the older generation prefers face-to-face conversations while teens are more comfortable with social media in its many forms. We’ve seen a number of devices such as Ensemble — an enhanced landline which bridges the gap between the simplicity of the telephone and the advanced capabilities of today’s smart technology. Now, Bloom is a trio of connected devices which could enhance the quality of connections between remote family members.


Bloom consists of a smartphone app, an always-on simplified tablet device, and a wearable called the bloomband. Used together the system enables seamless photo sharing, voice messaging, video streaming for live chat, and messaging between multiple users. When the person wearing the bloomband approaches the tablet, the display turns on automatically, and streams the most recent images as well as notifying them of new messages. This way, they can stay up-to-date with their younger relatives’ lives without any complicated interaction.


Originally designed to help those struggling from cognitive decline, the bloomband also includes emergency support features and basic fitness training functions. Bloom can be pre-ordered at a reduced price of USD 249 now with a deposit of USD 49. How else could technology be simplified to better suit older users?



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