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Method's mobile laundry truck will facilitate clothing donations

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We’ve seen laundromats pop up at music festivals, serving as a kind of brand butler for festival-goers with dirty duds. Not until recently, however, had we heard of a pop-up laundromat used to facilitate generosity as well. Sure enough, though, starting next Thursday, cleaning-products maker Method will be touring the streets of New York with its “Wash Smart, Give Smart” truck to encourage people to donate clothing. Through a partnership with Goodwill, San Francisco-based Method has equipped a glass-walled truck with a mobile laundry room that will be used to wash donated clothes. Consumers need only drop off their new or gently used items, and the mobile laundry team will take care of washing and drying them before delivering them to New York Goodwill locations to be resold. The truck will visit a different spot on each of the effort’s three days, operating there between 10 am and 6 pm. Passers-by will be encouraged to spontaneously donate an item of clothing off their bodies as well; the first 200 people who donate each day will receive a free 25-load bottle of Method laundry detergent. As part of Method’s new “laundry smarts” campaign, there will also be a photo station, samples, games and prizes, plus a few special guest appearances. What’s better than a brand butler that helps consumers get their clothes clean? One that helps them do good as well. Brand helps consumers, consumers help charity, consumers feel good about themselves—and the brand. It’s a veritable love-fest, the likes of which will surely please legions of generosity-minded consumers. How could *your* brand emulate something like this…?



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