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Functional bracelets feature map of NYC subway

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Jewelry is all about self-expression, and that can include highlighting what makes us unique—such as the little scars we’ve come to bear—as well as our lifestyle and affiliations. A new bracelet from Design Hype now targets über-urbanites by featuring a map of the New York subway. Design Hype’s NYC Metro Cuff is a matte metal bracelet embossed with the subway lines, numbers and streets of Manhattan. Priced at USD 25 including shipping, the cuffs are available online for both domestic and international retail and wholesale orders. Pennsylvania-based Design Hype says that similar cuffs for other cities are also on the way. Whether it’s true New York urbanites who end up being the primary market for the Metro Cuff, or consumers who wish they were, there’s no doubt that the charm of such items derives not just from their mapmania-minded functionality but also from a strong element of highly localized, (still) made here appeal. One to partner with and localize for urban commuters and tourists in your part of the world? Spotted by: Karile Grineviciute via coroflot



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