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Mexican retro sneaker brand relaunches with free shoe exchange

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Mexican sneaker brand Panam are giving away free shoes in exchange for customers’ old pairs.

Panam — a Mexican sneaker company — have been producing their footwear since 1962, enjoying great popularity during the 1980s. However, as the sneaker market became filled with global brands such as Puma, Nike and Adidas, they were less widely distributed and more commonly found on street markets. Now, with retro fashion continuing to grow in popularity, Panam have seen an opportunity to revitalize the brand using a little free love. Realizing the retro trend had hipsters out hunting for Panam trainers, the brand have taken to the most popular squares in states across Mexico to host “sneaker exchanges”. The details of each exchange are posted on their site, and Panam fans are invited to come with an old pair of trainers and exchange them for a new pair, completely free. They can choose from whatever colors are available in their size, from a range of over 15 designs. Each sneaker exchange has 250 pairs of Panams to give away, with a maximum of one pair per person. There have been four exchanges so far, and fans can vote for where the next one will take place via the brand’s Facebook page. Today’s consumers expect sales and discounts as standard from any brand across any industry, therefore sometimes more hard-hitting methods are needed to get their attention and create excitement. Could a similar strategy build love for your brand? Contact: via website Spotted by: María Elena Muñoz



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