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Micro dishwasher

Connected micro dishwasher cooks and saves water

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Small enough to sit on a countertop yet large enough to wash two full place settings, the dishwasher can also do steam cooking.

Dedicated to improving the ways in which people use water in the home, South Carolina, USA-based Heatworks recently unveiled its Tetra countertop dishwasher. Compact, see through and requiring only an electrical outlet (rather than plumbing), the Tetra’s temperature can be precisely controlled, allowing for steam cooking and sterilizing as well as washing. Rather than using a traditional metal heating system, Heatworks’ patented technology acts directly upon naturally occurring electrodes found in water to create a clean and highly efficient heat.

The lack of plumbing makes the Tetra portable, and each dishwasher load takes 10 minutes to complete, which uses 10 times less water than handwashing dishes. The dishwasher can hold two full place settings or 10 pint glasses or plates, and cleaning can be scheduled and managed via the accompanying app, including the temperature setting. The device will be available in late 2018 for less than USD 300.

The Internet of Things is helping make homes more interactive, with devices like a smart bin that sorts waste and recycling and a water monitoring system that sends daily usage updates to linked smartphones. What would help connect such systems in a manner that would make it easy to achieve carbon neutral living spaces?




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