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Micro-donations take a percentage of donors' daily spending


Changefolio enables shoppers to automatically give money to charities based on the money they spend on the high street.

We’ve already seen charities and nonprofits look towards new technologies to enable easier giving opportunities for consumers, such as CentUp — the scheme that attaches micro-donation buttons to viral content to reward creators and good causes. Now Changefolio is also taking advantage of small donations, enabling shoppers to automatically give money to charities based on the cash they spend on the high street.

Those signing up for Changefolio are able to link their account to their online banking and then set their own rules according to how much they want to give, and when. For example, users can choose to give ten percent of the value of their groceries to food bank Feed America every time they shop at the supermarket, or give a flat fee of USD 5 to programming educator whenever they buy something online through PayPal. All payments are made automatically whenever a linked purchase is detected on their bank statement, and users can manage and track their donations at any time through their account dashboard.

The platform enables anyone to sync their donations more closely with their own spending activity without having to think about it. Are there ways that brands could become involved in this type of charitable giving?



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