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Uber for tutors helps kids with their homework

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GotIt! is an app that enables school children to connect with qualified tutors, who will help them with homework for under USD 1.

Some parents are able to help their kids with difficult homework, but many are not and cannot afford expensive tutoring sessions that help fill in the gaps in their knowledge. Now, GotIt! is an educational app that enables school children to connect with qualified maths and science tutors, whenever they are stuck on a homework question, for a small fee.


To begin, a student can submit a homework problem via the app by taking a photograph. A network of study experts from the relevant field then bid to answer. Next, the student accepts the bid, which is usually under USD 1, and the pair are connected over text for a ten minute, one-on-one tutoring session.

All tutors are vetted and tested when they sign up, and monitored to ensure they are providing a good service. GotIt! currently offers help with maths and chemistry but plans to expand to other subjects in the future. Could other knowledge-sets be crowdsourced in this way?



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