Innovation That Matters

Microzine Store now open for reading, er... business


What do sophisticated shoppers want? More shelves? Friendlier assistance? For a real innovative twist, try shops that constantly adapt to the world outside shopping. No, this is not about turning shops into celebrations of the experience economy (that’s no longer innovation, it’s hygiene), but rather adjusting stores to the way shoppers do their pre-shopping homework. Hands-on example? Next month, October 2003, will see the launch of Microzine, a store/outlet based on a magazine format. Target audience: your typical reader of lads’ magazines, from Loaded to FHM. Just like a magazine, the store will offer new monthly content, features and all of the latest newsworthy and desirable products: fashion, sportswear, limited edition trainers, watches, classic films, art, rare furniture, home wares, games, gadgets, etc. Partners so far include the Andy Warhol Foundation, Apple, Nokia and Levi’s. Store locations? London’s Shoreditch is first (source: TrendCentral), and LA and Tokyo are likely to be next.


Marrying the shop to what consumers experience and peruse the 99% of their time they’re not IN a shop could be big. We assume there will also be an actual Microzine Magazine, and if so, we urge Microzine (and the expected slew of copycats) to check out Lucky Magazine (we highlighted them in an earlier issue), which is a shopping catalogue turned magazine. Must be some synergy there. Or what about ‘once every 2 years’ outlets? The Olympic Store (by the Nuance Group), will be rolled out in Turin, site of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, after having set up shop in Sydney and Athens. A true ‘Come and Go’ concept, that capitalizes on sudden rushes of global buzz, themes, and happenings. Sounds like an excellent interpretation of one our sister-publication’s ‘new shopping’ trends: TRANSUMERISM. Mmm… Even though this wild world of media and shopping convergence is not too transparent yet, you can somehow smell the potential for success, regardless the final shape or form. On our side, we promise you to bring you more real-world examples of this ‘revolving retail’ trend in our October issue.


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