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English lessons and eyelash extensions

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While plenty of makeup studios offer lessons in applying cosmetics, language classes generally aren’t part of the deal. Which is why the ESL Makeup Course at MikaOlivia caught our eye. Catering mainly to Japanese (aspiring) makeup professionals, the small Vancouver-based studio created three courses that help students improve both their makeup techniques and English language skills. MikaOlivia explains: “Through dialogue, demonstration and hands-on participation, you will advance your English language skills as well as your make-up artistry expertise.” Owners Karen Mika Shoji and Oribu Olivia Yokota grew up in Canada, were educated in various parts of the world, and taught in schools in Vancouver and Tokyo. By turning their multilingual skills into an add-on service, they’ve created an additional stream of income, as well as cross-selling opportunities for their other offerings. The lesson for entrepreneurs? Tap into all of your talents! (Related: A being space for learning English.) Update | 19 Sept 2009: MikaOlivia has temporarily suspended its business activities.

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