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Telepresence device

Mind-controlled telepresence device can benefit less physically abled users

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Aubot’s telepresence unit can be mind-controlled by an EEG scanner, enabling less able-bodied users to explore with greater autonomy.

We’ve seen telepresence robots, remote controlled two-way video-communications devices, featured in a number of different scenarios, such as allowing online gallery exploration after hours or to provide long-distance internships. Now Aubot is enabling less-physically abled users control their telepresence device — using their minds.

If users are unable to use the physical remote controls for Teleport, Aubot’s telepresence device, they can instead interface with it using a MindWave EEG reader — this detects brainwaves, so that if users concentrate on making it move over a certain ‘attention threshold’ this will be interpreted by Teleport as a command to move. Users can then modify commands by using different blinking combinations that cause the Aubot to change direction, for example, enabling users to explore remote surroundings and communicate with people at will. Teleport is available for AUD 3800 with plans in place to develop additional modular features, such as robotic arms, that could provide greater autonomy to users.

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