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Hotel 'minibar' offers up food for the mind

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After years of catering more or less exclusively to the physical comfort of their guests, hotels have now begun to pay attention to patrons’ social and intellectual needs as well. That’s why we’ve seen efforts to help guests connect with each other — such as at New York City’s Pod Hotel — and it’s also why we’ve seen hotels offering night school programs and even readers in residence. The latest spotting? Minibar for the Mind, an initiative just launched through a partnership between Morgans Hotel Group and The School of Life. Launched late last month at Morgans’ two London properties, Minibar for the Mind was created exclusively for the hotel chain by The School of Life and now offers guests at several of its hotels what it calls “a midnight feast of intellect, inspiration and ideas.” Priced at USD 56, the custom-made box contains a thought-provoking alternative to the usual minibar fare. Included within the box are a set of 250 cards featuring conversation-starting questions, quotations and provocations; a thought-provoking volume of the best columns written by The School of Life’s faculty and friends; two tailor-made “reading prescriptions” from The School of Life’s Bibliotherapists designed to evoke moods of relaxation or seduction; and a blank journal with pencil for personal reflection. Continuing the theme of mental stimulation, Daily Aphorism cards are now provided at turn-down service across all Morgans hotels, while guests dining at select properties are offered a Conversation Menu that features an entertaining selection of conversation prompts. A series of talks is also being hosted by The School of Life at various Morgans hotels. Finally, at Morgans’ St Martins Lane hotel in London, The School of Life has curated what it calls “Semi-Automatic,” a vending machine installed there for a limited time that offers up a selection of products including Bibliotherapy Gift Vouchers and limited edition design objects. Man cannot live on comfortable bedding and gourmet food alone, to butcher the well-known phrase, so it’s inspiring to see hotels recognizing that fact with food for the mind and soul. Other hoteliers around the globe: what about you?



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