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Joining the customer made revolution, Belgium tour operator Wasteels has set up a division called Club Tours, which allows amateurs to create travel packages that are sold to the company’s customers. Every demographic group has its own needs and wants when it comes to travel, and travel agents have long catered to the demand for specialized tours for everyone from senior citizens and rock climbers to military buffs and amateur biologists. Club Tours takes it one step further by allowing non-professionals to create vacation packages for their own niche market. So far, that includes gays, seniors, singles and art lovers. Club Tours takes care of marketing, sales, ticketing and all of the intricate legal and insurance issues, and pays the creator of the package a commission for each holiday sold. Perfect for minipreneurs who can make a side-business out of their passion for travel, or for bloggers to create theme tours for their readers, generating extra revenue while they’re at it. (Gizmodo gadget hunts in Asia? Toybird tours of Chicago by bike?) And a great solution for travel companies who’d like to add nouveau niche tours to their portfolio. Tap into your customers’ wealth of knowledge!


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