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Mir:ror gives physical objects digital meaning


Marrying strangers in Second Life, throwing sheep on Facebook, living as an orc in World of Warcraft… The digital world can make reality feel rather disappointing at times. Here to bring some of the magic of cyberspace into people’s physical lives is Mir:ror, a web-connected dish that gives weird and wonderful new functions to the objects placed on it. Users plug the Mir:ror into their computer using the USB connection and affix the supplied RFID tags to the objects of their choice. They then program the objects using an online interface, causing the action of their choice to occur when the object is placed on the Mir:ror. The choices are practically limitless, with examples including paper files being used to open digital documents on the computer, coffee mugs telling Facebook friends that a user is online, and presents triggering songs and e-cards. Mir:ror was developed by Violet, the same French company that created the internet-enabled Nabaztag rabbit. Available from stockists throughout Europe and in the US, a pack that includes one Mir:ror, three of its colourful ‘Ztamp’ RFID tags and two singing and dancing mini-rabbits can be purchased for GBP 36. 12 extra Ztamps can be bought for GBP 16. Other brands can learn a lot from Violet’s innovative approach, not least its ability to make cutting-edge technology friendly and accessible to everyday users. By enhancing an infinite number of objects, Mir:ror shows just how much potential the off=on trend has, and how the surface is only just being scratched. One to pair up with to give your products exclusive or newfound digital functions, perhaps… Spotted by: Gregory Armene



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