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Misty shower head uses 70 percent less water

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Nebia is an eco-friendly household shower head, which can drastically reduce the amount of water and heating used when showering.

Showers are the third highest consumer of water in the home, expending an average 17.2 gallons with every use. We have seen a number of smart devices such as shower heads and shower add-ons that aim to help bathers cut water wastage. Now, Apple-backed startup Nebia is aiming to top them all with its cleverly engineered shower head, which promises to reduce water usage by up to 70 percent.

Nebia is an eco-friendly household shower head which has already raised nearly USD 2 million on Kickstarter since launching last week. The device can drastically reduce the amount of water and heating, through an innovative water atomizing technology that creates a mist of millions of tiny water droplets, resulting in a much greater surface area than the usual household shower.


The device boasts multiple nozzles which use Nebia’s H2Micr0 technology, enabling more water to come in contact with the user’s body. The shower can be self-installed without the need for a plumber and could save customers approximately USD 220 per year, paying for itself in under two years.

The Nebia Shower can be pre-ordered at a reduced price of USD 249, for delivery in May 2016. It is expected to retail for USD 399. What other household items could be given an eco-friendly makeover?



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