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Mixed-to-order muesli


As much choice as there may be in the cereal aisle, nothing beats made-to-order, especially if you can mix and match 70 different ingredients. Which is what Mymuesli offers through its online cereal store. Using a simple and user-friendly interface, customers build their own personal muesli. First, they pick a foundation (oats and other grains), then add fruits, nuts and seeds, and finally extras like organic gummi bears and alfalfa. Prices and quantities are tallied along the way (60 eurocents for 30 grams of chopped almonds, 40 cents for 45 grams of dried apricots, etc), and a 575 gram pack costs around EUR 5-9, depending on which ingredients are used. Shipping is extra. Customers can name their mix, which is also assigned an ID that’s printed on the muesli box. This makes it super easy to reorder a specific mix, or recommend it to friends. Those who aren’t feeling creative can order one of the German start-up’s personal favourites, like tropical Copacabana Days, or Alte Freunde, a choc and nuts mix. Mymuesli only uses organic ingredients (which helps explain the hefty price tag), and offers exotic fruits like goji berries and sour cherries to spruce up the most important meal of the day. Nice example of mass-customization, and one that’s quickly catching on: Mymuesli started two weeks ago, but has already run out of packaging (which they’d estimated would last at least 8 weeks). The concept reminds us of the customized vitamin packs we featured earlier, which also allow customers to create their own unique blend. One to adapt to local breakfast preferences? Could be a fun gimmick for hotels, too: during the booking process, let guests order their own breakfast and have it delivered to their room in a personalized box. Spotted by: Franziska Luh



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