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Sports app

Mobile app hosts live auctions on stadium scoreboards


New Zealand-based startup offers sports lovers the added experience of winning goods at low prices.

Stadiums can hold tens of thousands of people, with a filled arena creating an electric environment. Now, Dropit is adding to the ambience with its mobile app that holds live drop auctions on stadium scoreboards so revellers can bid on items throughout the performance. Founded in 2014, the New Zealand-based creation went into the real sport world on the US market in spring 2017 with Major League Baseball’s Spring Training Cactus League, acting as a mass audience activation platform (MAAP).

Advertised as ‘adrenaline pumping brand loyalty’, the app generates 60 second drop auctions where the price goes down instead of up. The longer a user waits, the lower the price and the first person brave enough to swipe up buys the item in question. To get involved, users simply have to download the app and register before attending a participating event. Past wins include a 2017 Ducati Panigale 959 motorbike with a RRP of USD 15,400, which sold for USD 3,904 through Dropit. A 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport car, retailing at USD 22,280, also recently sold for half the price at USD 11,850.

Adding an interactive touch to any experience is a popular and strategic move by both big and small businesses. An augmented reality app that creates gigs anywhere and the team-building instrument that helps children learn are just two innovations covered by Springwise in recent months. How could you incorporate interactivity into your business offering?




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