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Mobile app | Photo source veeterzy on Unsplash

Mobile application allows users to see fine dust in the air

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Camera application provides visual representation of unseen dust both indoors and outdoors.

With air pollution an ever-worsening problem, it is unsurprising that innovation has stepped in to provide insight into this particular issue. We have seen the Israeli startup BreezoMeter providing air pollution data. The company provides real-time, actionable information about local air. This helps businesses and governments gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the problem. Similarly, the American company Aerochromics developed shirts that change color according to levels of air pollution. This smart clothing not only provides information about air pollution, but also raises awareness. The South Korean government also wants to provide valuable data on air pollution as well as raising awareness. They have done this through developing a unique mobile application.

The Seoul city government have named their invention DustSee. The application uses augmented reality to bring to life surrounding air pollution. The app creates a visual representation of the fine dust in the air, which is invisible to the human eye. Users receive various information, such as the Seoul real-time fine and superfine dust, and the integrated air environment index value. Additionally, there are three choices of fine dust animation filter: real image, shape and character. Users can also take photos of the dust and share these via social media. This app is especially helpful because the dust it detects can be very harmful. Fine and superfine dust can increase disease incidence and mortality rate. For this reason, the app provides recommended actions and mask tips for the surrounding dust concentration. Users also receive more general data about the dust, such as the concentration, wind direction and speed.

This application is just one example of the role technology plays in raising awareness. Furthermore, it is able to provide people with the necessary data to stay safe. How else could technology educate us about air pollution?




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