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Bauhaus mobile building

Mobile building aims to challenge views on colonialist design

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A scaled-down Bauhaus building has been turned into a mobile exhibition and learning space, partnering with artists across the globe to share ideas.

Art has always embraced new technologies to push forward the vanguard of culture. Auction house Christie’s has already put the first AI-generated artwork under the gavel. Also, an exhibition at the Guggenheim lets users explore potential future societies using a stock market analogy. Now, a new project takes aim at Eurocentric views.

SAVVY Contemporary has created a project called Spinning Triangles to mark the centenary of the iconic Bauhaus building. The organisers have developed a minitiurised version of the Bauhaus’ workshop wing and put it on a truck bed.

The mobile Bauhaus looks like a tiny home inside. It will provide a space for workshops, symposiums and collaborations, and also a small reference library. The organisers will drive the Bauhaus from Dessau, Germany, where the actual Bauhaus is located, then stopping off in Berlin before heading to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Hong Kong to develop a new school of design. The project’s aim is to share ideas with local artists, dispelling colonial interpretations of non-European art. Design and architecture professionals from all over the world will help participate in developing a new school of design. The organisers hope the project will help the Bauhaus to ‘un-school’ old ideas, looking forward to a more informed future.




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