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Mobile hyperspectral camera offers sample analysis in seconds

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The mobile device allows users to analyse samples of material anywhere and can be used in almost any industry.

The world’s first mobile hyperspectral camera has launched, which allows users to analyse material samples anywhere in seconds. SPECIM IQ is an advanced measurement and imaging solution that provides information in an instant for critical decision-making and response. Hyperspectral imaging, which combines spectroscopy and digital imaging, is a form of measurement technology for demanding measurement applications. By enabling spectral analysis down to the pixel level, it provides unprecedented capabilities for analysing the physical and chemical make up of large and small samples.

The camera is adaptable to the user’s needs, making it a useful tool to many different industries. For example, in agriculture, farmers will be able to screen their crops for infestation, forensic investigators will be able to screen a crime scene for evidence in just seconds, and in the art world, immediate forgery detection could become a routine part of the sales process, eliminating dispute and costly court proceedings.

Cameras have gone far beyond their typical function, with technology helping to integrate and use them in a plethora of ways. A built in rear-view camera on motorcycle helmets has boosted road safety, while an innovative camera can see within the human body, enabling doctors to see up to 20cm through tissue. How could new-age cameras be integrated into your daily operation?



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