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Mobile shopping app suggests weather-specific products


Everlane’s new mobile app caters to sartorially conscious customers by incorporating the local temperature and weather conditions into their shopping experience.

As mobile shopping apps continue to gain popularity, we are seeing brands and startups increasingly look for innovative ways to set themselves apart in an already over-crowded marketplace. There are shopping lists that notify users when their wanted items are nearby, and apps that enable effortless purchasing with a simple swipe action. Everlane, an online retailer known for its affordable basics and focus on transparency, (it even shows production costs alongside retail prices on its site), has now launched an e-commerce app that integrates weather data.

Like other mobile shopping applications, Everlane offers features such as early access to new season products and single-touch check out with Apple Pay. But what sets it apart is its integration of weather information and “Dress For Today” functionality. Taking data from the users’ location, the app will recommend items to wear or buy, according to the day’s temperature and conditions. Rather than simply building a mobile-friendly version of their e-commerce site, Everlane caters to style-conscious customers by incorporating the weather — an essential factor to their daily sartorial decisions — into the shopping experience.


The app was made in-house with Everlane’s own team in San Francisco, and is now available on the App Store. What other personalized features can retailers incorporate into their mobile shopping apps?



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