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Mobile loo locater

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While some mobile services work towards such lofty goals as helping people find their soul mates, or making local government more efficient, others focus on more basic needs. Take MizPee, which offers one very simple service: helping users find the nearest, cleanest restroom when they need one. Customers simply go to from their web-enabled cellphone, type in their current location (city and street address) and click on find. MizPee comes back with a list of nearby facilities, including details such as distance, user rating and whether a purchase is required, if the toilet is located in a store or restaurant. The service is initially launching in San Francisco, and allows relief-seekers to narrow their search to facilities with handicap access or diaper-changing areas. Desperate but dainty users can even limit results to restrooms that have been awarded a five-star rating for cleanliness. While it may seem frilly, MizPee is actually a smart mobile service, providing information that almost every consumer needs at one point or another while they’re on the go. It’s infolust brought back to the basics. Time to brainstorm and find other essential information needs aren’t yet adequately fulfilled? Collect them, let users fill in the missing blanks, and serve up the info along with relevant marketing messages. MizPee is currently free for users, and sponsorship by a toilet paper brand or bathroom cleaning product seems like a logical next step. Related: Luxe London loos. Spotted by: Bill McMahon



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