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Mobile loo locator — Update

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Back in June, we covered a location-based service—MizPee—that lets people use their mobile phone to find the nearest public toilet. The same idea just popped in London, dubbed SatLav and launched by the City of Westminster (one of London’s central boroughs, and home to most of the city’s popular shopping and entertainment venues). After texting ‘toilet’ to 80097, users receive a text message with the details of the nearest facilities and their opening times. Pitched by industrial designer Gail Knight, SatLav was the winning entry in a city council innovation competition. (Earlier this year, Gail Knight developed a pedestrian navigation system that points pedestrians in the right direction by way of two rings that vibrate when they need to make a turn.) While SatLav just got started, San Francisco-based MizPee has expanded its coverage to 14 North American cities. More smart location based services to follow? (Related: Luxe London loos and Zipcar uses mobile GPS to pinpoint nearest car.) Spotted by: RK


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