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Modular floating home can be built on land or water

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Czech-designed PORT X is a houseboat that can be customized with extra modules and anchored on the river or on land.

Buying a new home typically requires some research of the local area in order to understand where buyers will be living for the good few years to come, as well as whether the property is the right size for them. However, Czech architects have now created PORT X, a houseboat that can be customized with extra modules and anchored on both the river or land.

Designed by architects at Atelier SAD, the building is made up of interlocking sections of wood and laminate that can be customized with doors, windows, separating walls and balcony sections. Since PORT X is a modular structure, the individual pieces can be transported to any location and the building can be set up on site, meaning homeowners are free to live almost anywhere. The building is also a floating structure, meaning it can be anchored in a port and trailed by boat to another location. It can be used both as a home or an office, and a showcase version of PORT X was most recently seen on the Rašín river bank where people could get a feel for the structure and also view an exhibition of photographs by Ondřej Kavan.

The concept is similar to Belgium’s Sleeping Around — a shipping container hotel that can be transported to various locations around the world — but PORT X is now available for homeowners to buy. Are there other ways that modular structures can provide greater flexibility for living without sacrificing comfort?



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