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Free food markets in Boston elementary schools

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Food For Free has introduced three monthly markets at elementary schools, where low-income families can shop for healthy food for free.

One in seven people struggle with hunger in the US and rely on food banks and pantries. But there is still a stigma attached to turning to charitable organizations for food assistance. We recently saw a soup kitchen in Kansas City introduce table service to provide visitors with a more dignified experience. Now, Food For Free has introduced three monthly markets at elementary schools in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where low-income families can get healthy food for free, without the inconvenience or embarrassment of visiting a food pantry.

The food markets are set up inside the school and include fresh produce, milk and eggs, much like a farmers market. Parents who are struggling to afford food for their families can simply visit the markets when they pick up their kids from school, making the process incredibly convenient. Food For Free has helped feed 25,000 people in the Greater Boston area in the last 12 months, and much of the produce comes from food rescue programs, salvaging food from local businesses that would otherwise be discarded. The non-profit hopes to help normalize the experience of taking free food for families who previously would have shied away.

How else can healthy food be distributed to low-income families?



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