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More custom energy bars


Earlier this year we covered customizable energy bars from Los Angeles-based YouBar, and recently a similar contender out of the Midwest crossed our proverbial path. Chicago-based Element Bars aims to give users a simple, step-by-step process for designing their own energy bars from scratch. Using the site’s drag-and-drop interface, customers begin by selecting a chewy, oaty, crispy or datey “core” that defines the bar’s texture and base. They can then add nuts, fruits and sweets as well as protein, fibre, Omega-3 and vitamin boosts. The site warns users if they have selected incompatible ingredients, and it will even recommend a mix for users who answer a few lifestyle-oriented questions. Meanwhile, a Nutrition Facts box is updated each step of the way to reflect the user’s current selections. Once the customer’s order is complete, Element Bars will hand-make and deliver them in about a week; pricing is USD 3 per bar, with a minimum order of one box of 12 bars. After trying their bars, users can rate and comment on their creations, as well as sharing them with their friends for voting or further customization. Popular bars are sold for a discounted price of USD 2.50 per bar. For corporate buyers, co-branding opportunities are available, Element Bars says. There’s nothing we love more than seeing a good idea spread, and that includes virtually anything in the realm of customization. So far, though, it looks like only the US is covered on this one. One to partner with in other health-conscious cultures around the world….?



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