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More luxury loos, now for members only

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It’s one thing to offer luxury portable toilets for hire at private events, the way Igloo does. For a company like Visa to sponsor similar upscale conveniences as a privilege for its customer members, however, is quite another matter. Yet that’s just what Visa did this summer at San Francisco’s Outside Lands music and arts festival, where it set up a VIP Signature Lounge reserved exclusively for the use of its cardholders. Those in possession of a Visa Signature card could gain access to private luxury restrooms a far cry above the porta-potties provided for the masses, along with a private bar and a free blanket gift for visiting the lounge. For entry, cardholders had simply to present their Visa Signature card, their ID and any valid festival ticket. In addition to sympvertising–infusing one’s advertising with a dash of sympathy for consumers’ current plight–Visa’s effort provides a nice illustration of what our sister site would call a brand butler offering, giving consumers some free but relevant assistance (branded, of course) to make their lives easier. Whether it’s a luxury loo or laundry service at a festival, consumers today are more likely to accept help from your brand than they are to listen to your ads. So put your money where your customers are, in their real-world lives, and give them a hand! They might just repay your kindness sometime. 😉 Spotted by: Sarah Browne



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