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More mixed-to-order muesli


In May 2007 we covered a German venture–MyMuesli–that sells mixed-to-order muesli online. Over the last year and a half, MyMuesli has expanded to the UK and Switzerland. Recently, we spotted a similar startup on the other side of the Atlantic: launched in September 2008, [Me] & Goji lets US residents pick and mix their own cereal concoctions. Users go online to select which of the 40+ natural and organic ingredients will go into their muesli. Prices start at USD 4.90 plus delivery for 600g/21oz, with most mixes averaging at USD 10-13. Like MyMuesli, [Me] & Goji packages its products in cardboard cylinders, which are made from post-consumer waste and printed with vegetable ink. [Me] & Goji currently only ships within the US, but hopes to expand to Canada soon. So how could the concept evolve? With a broad audience that includes health conscience consumers looking for breakfasts that taste good and others who are simply bored with standard supermarket fare, there’s a lot of scope. Perhaps MyMuesli and [Me] & Goji could inspire a new service that assesses what customers need at the start of the day and develops a breakfast to fill those requirements. Or gyms could provide co-branded mixes driven by their clients’ goals and preferences. Whatever the next steps may be, the have-it-your-way trend seems here to stay. (Related: Mix & match magazine serviceHealthy snacks delivered by mail.) Spotted by: Paul Mignot



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